This little house converted into a church building, at 1110 N. Sheridan Road in Peoria, Illinois, is tucked on a neighborhood street – now deconsecrated.

I took a couple of different images of it, one with a 1925 ICA polyskop (panoramic format 6×13) and one with my Leica IIIC with a 35mm F2.8 Summaron.

It just shows that the lighting, camera, everything can make your pictures incredibly different. It’s important to come back to a subject to get the look you want. I am not sure that I am done with this spot yet.

ICA Polyskop, Zeiss Tessar 90mm, Kodak TMAX 400, 400 ISO.


Leica IIIC, Summaron 35mm F2.8, Ilford HP5+, 800 ISO.